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Faith-Based Roots Spirituality

St. Andrew's helps guide clergy, caregivers, seniors, and anyone embarking on a spiritual journey

Mind, Body, & Soul Wellness Programs

Spirituality as We Age Can Help Us To
  • Find meaning in our past and current life experiences
  • Acknowledge our grief and loss and to achieve inner peace
  • Increase our desire for play
  • Enhance our creativity

Community & Companionship Spiritual Inspiration

Looking for a quality senior living community can be tough work, but St. Andrew’s has got your back. With our Worry Less™ Brochure, you can learn what we’re about, how we work in the St. Louis community at large, and a little bit about the senior living communities we sponsor. Through our Worry Less™ Brochure, you will see how our non-profit, faith-based background can work to help you or your loved one find the perfect senior living community to fit your needs. The Worry Less™ Brochure (PDF)

Spiritual Inspiration

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St. Andrew's Faith-Based Spiritual Communities

Explore Faith-Based Senior Living

Compassion, mindfulness, and individualized person-centered care are at the core of St. Andrew's senior living communities and services

St. Andrew's communities welcome all faiths and feautre several places to pray and worship. Regular religious and spiritual events are ongoing. Families particulary enjoy visiting loved ones during our chaplin-led world religion studies and spiritual re-imagining. Kindness, compassion, and understanding are at the core of our care

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St. Andrew's Volunteer Opportunities in St. Louis

Volunteer Opportunities through St. Andrew's

St. Andrew's is a St. Louis-based non-profit organization looking for motivated, caring volunteers to enrich our residents lives.

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You're kindness helps us work towards our vision, a society where all elders are respected, productive, secure, and fulfilled

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